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Add Apple Developer Account freezes VS2019 up

I am running Visual Studio 2019 community edition. When I to to Options->Xamarin->Add Apple account and enter my Apple ID that is my developer account, I just get the spinning circle for the cursor and it just spins and spins and nothing ever happens. No error, no warning, just nothing happens. Any ideas what the issue could be? Any help much appreciated


  • lopezcjflopezcjf Member

    Exact same issue here

  • feanornfeanorn Member

    Had the same issue. It was solved by loggin in to my apple dev account via web browser, which popped up the 2-factor authentication. I entered the passcode, then restarted both my pc and mac. After that, adding the apple account in VS caused the 2-factor auth popup to appear aswell. Entered the passcode, and voila. :)

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