Updated to Xamarin 3 - opened large existing storyboard

JonathanPeppersJonathanPeppers USInsider, Beta, University ✭✭

We have an existing project with a fairly large storyboard file created in Xcode. I upgraded to Xamarin 3 today to see if the new designer could handle it.

Upon opening, I had a spinner for about 15 seconds and then received an error notification at the top, see attached screenshot.

So I looked at the log, and see the following message:

[AppDeveloper] Fill rate for development application 'com.xamarin.MTDesignServer': 80.0%
system: May 31 13:43:33 jonathans-air.cinci.rr.com AdSheet[4138] <Warning>: [AppDeveloper] Simulating an inventory-unavailable server response due to development application fill rate. To change the fill rate, see the Developer panel in Settings.
system: May 31 13:43:33 jonathans-air.cinci.rr.com MonoTouchDesignServer[4137] <Warning>: [AppDeveloper] ADBannerView: Unhandled error (no delegate or delegate does not implement didFailToReceiveAdWithError:): Error Domain=ADErrorDomain Code=3 "The operation couldn’t be completed. Ad inventory unavailable" UserInfo=0x7d292da0 {ADInternalErrorCode=3, ADInternalErrorDomain=ADErrorDomain, NSLocalizedFailureReason=Ad inventory unavailable}

This is pretty strange, since the app has no AdBannerViews at all. I even searched the storyboard source and did not find any.

What would make this happen? Is it a general bug in the designer? I am a little concerned the designer is trying to randomly download iAds.

Otherwise, things seem to work. I can see my controllers and edit them, etc.


  • AlanMcGovernAlanMcGovern USXamarin Team Xamurai


    There are typically two reasons why this can happen:

    1) One of the UIViews/UIViewControllers in your project is crashing the designer when we try to add it to the toolbox. While there are many kinds of exception we can handle without having to disable all custom controls, certain kinds of exception we just can't catch and handle.

    To check if this is the case, try the following:
    A) Clean your solution so that there are no compiled binaries
    B) Close the storyboard file
    C) Open the storyboard file again

    If you can open/close the storyboard a few times without seeing the warning, could you then build your solution and try again. If it shows the warning then you know for sure it's a crash that we were unable to handle.

    2) It's a bug!

    If you can reliably trigger this warning dialog when your solution has been cleaned and also when it's compiled, you're hitting an issue we haven't encountered yet and we'd love some more information.

    For both case 1 and 2 we'd love it if you could send us the log files that xamarin studio writes. You can find these by clicking Help -> Open log directory. If possible, could you send us a zip of the entire directory, or at least all the log files from a Xamarin Studio session where you trigger the issue.

    If it turns out the issue is simply that one of your controls is crashing when the designer tries to use it and you are unable to diagnose it, we might be able to figure it out if you can provide a copy of your solution. We have plans to improve error reporting for several kinds of crash which may help you diagnose this in the future.

  • Cleaning the solution worked for me!

  • JonathanPeppersJonathanPeppers USInsider, Beta, University ✭✭

    Clean solution fixed, thanks.

    So the only question @AlanMcGovern‌ is: why is the Xamarin iOS designer is trying to show iAds?

  • AlanMcGovernAlanMcGovern USXamarin Team Xamurai


    We're not actually displaying as, that's just an artifact of how the designer works. Its fine to ignore it.

    We'll try to land the enhanced support for diagnosing crashes in the near future so you can (hopefully) better diagnose which of your controls is crashing.


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