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Hey guys. I'm trying to get my 3rd party SDK (BRPtouchPrinterKit) to link to my xamarin.iOS project and I am having to luck.
I created the bindings myself (objective sharpie). I added the framework as a native framework. Added that project into my Xamarin.Forms solution. In my xamarinDemo.iOS project, I have added the BRPtouchPrinterKit as a reference. I am successfully able to use and refer to this in my code. However, when I build, I get linker issues.

linker command failed with exit code 1(use -v to see invocation) File: clang
framework not found BRPtouchPrinterKit File: eror MT5209
Native linking failed. Please review the build log. (MT5202) File: MTOUCH

Options -> iOS Build -> Linker behavior: I have set this to Don't link, Link Framework SD's only, and Link All.

I have tried adding -gcc_flags '-framework SystemFramework' to the additional mtouch arguments as the Microsoft page suggested. . com /en-us/xamarin/ios/troubleshooting/mtouch-errors#MT5202

I'm new to this forum, so they won't let me post the actual link, but I think this is close enough that you guys can get there.

No luck so far. Thoughts?

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