Mac Build Host and VS2010/VS2012 question

Hi all,

We have a small team of developers about to start on an iPhone app, and have a question about the new Xamarin VS2010/VS2012 and Mac Build Host option.

Do all the developers need their own Mac Build Host, or can a single Mac be used for all developers? If a single mac can be used, are there any restrictions on debugging or using the simulator?

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  • josemiguel.torresjosemiguel.torres ESXamarin Team Xamurai
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    Hi @StacyHenwood,

    Yes there is a restriction regarding to concurrent connections. One Mac build host only can deal with just one Visual Studio "session". In other words, Mac build host couldn't be used by two or more Visual Studio at one time. Therefore each VS needs its own Mac build host.


  • Thanks for your quick reply.

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