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How to transfer Visual Studio generated app from a Windows PC to iPhone device without a Mac

I am developing an iPhone app on a PC running Windows 10 Pro, using Xamarin within Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019 as the development environment.
I do not have a Mac nor do I have physical access to one. Instead, I have an account with MacinCloud and can use this service to connect from my Windows PC to one of their Macs using a remote desktop connection. Visual Studio allows you to pair your local Windows PC to a remote Mac by specifying the IP address of the remote machine. This way I can build an iPhone app and debug it on a simulator without a physical Mac, all on a Windows PC - I neither know nor care where the Mac is. The difficulty comes when I want to test the app on a physical iPhone. It used to be possible to do this with iTunes by connecting the iPhone to the PC with a cable and then dragging the .IPA file generated by the build on to the device within iTunes. The new version of iTunes has removed this option so my question is: How do I get an app from a Windows PC onto a physical iPhone if I don’t have a physical Mac? I know there are a number of ways to do this but all of them seem to require a Mac to be physically present. My Mac is in America and I am in the U.K. – that’s a long cable!




    As my knowledge without any mac you can't move the IOS application from Windows pc to IPhone device.

    If you don't have any mac, You can create the virtual mac with help of VMWare Workstation.

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