Firebase Analytics-Manual Screen Views are not getting tracked in correct order for Xamarin.iOS

I am integrating firebase analytics in Xamarin.Forms project.Screen views are not getting tracked in correct order for iOS project.I am using below line of code in respective file's on appearing method-

LoginPage.xaml- Analytics.SetScreenNameAndClass("LoginScreen", null);
Dashboard.xaml- Analytics.SetScreenNameAndClass("DashboardScreen", null);
Employee.xaml- Analytics.SetScreenNameAndClass("ViewEmployeeScreen", null);

The above line of code is written in xamarin ios project and I am using dependency service to call it from PCL of xamarin forms.
For eg user flow is Login->Dashboard->ViewEmployee
In DebugView
Expected scenario shoud be : LoginScreen-> DashboardScreen(screen_view1) & DashboardScreen-> ViewEmployeeScreen(screen_view2)

Result I am getting: LoginScreen-> DashboardScreen(screen_view1), DashboardScreen->LoginScreen(screen_view2),LoginScreen->EmployeeScreen(screen_view3) . (Which is incorrect It should not go to login screen again)

Packages installed:
Can anyone please let me know where I am going wrong?

Thanks in advance!

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