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XAML Intellisense?



  • LOGIKonlineLOGIKonline USMember, University

    Please give us the XSD - 4 months and over 400 votes on uservoice :(

  • MichaelCabassolMichaelCabassol USMember, University

    I agree... please fix this! After being "sold" on buying the business edition for both iOS and Android turns out that I might as well use notepad to write xaml for Xamarin?! Maybe a change to the website so that it would clarify their statement of "Use the tools, libraries, and design patterns you already know and love, including TFS and ReSharper." would be in order?


  • +1 and voted. I'm having to have a code window open just to get property names and values etc. Really frustrating.

  • DramaretchiDramaretchi USMember ✭✭


  • jonathanyatesjonathanyates GBMember ✭✭✭

    The Xamarin.Forms team absolutely must add this or noone is going to use Xamarin.Forms and the whole thing will be pointless. I certainly ain't paying $999 for something that does not have the absolute basic tools.

  • ChaseFlorellChaseFlorell CAInsider, University mod

    that's a pretty bold statement there @jonathanyates‌ (referring to no one and whole thing). I am in fact using XAML and Xamarin Forms in production, and therefore not pointless. I have had to switch into a CS file a couple of times to discover properties, but all-in-all it wasn't that bad.

    I was at Evolve last week and had an opportunity to speak with the entire Forms team... remember, there is only 3 full time devs on that team. They want intellisense just as bad as everyone here, but as it stands, (from what I can remember) they have two options.

    1. write their own complete intellisense engine (paraphrased)
    2. work in conjunction with Microsoft to get intellisense for X.Forms XAML baked into Visual Studio (also paraphrased)

    @ermau, @jasonasmith feel free to correct me.

    Side note (to everyone). Please have patience with your Xamarin.Forms team. They are a very *very* small team, and they can't do everything that we demand. They've undertaken a highly challenging task, and have executed it well. There is of course room for improvement, and no one (including the team themselves) will dispute that, but that doesn't mean that it's open season on them. TL;DR; be nice.

  • LazyLizzardLazyLizzard ZAMember

    Thank you for the feedback guys. Given the explanations I think the reasons why it's not there seems just as fair as the reasons why we ask for it.

    Keep up the good work and thank you for clearing it up for all of us :)

  • RyanHatfieldOldRyanHatfieldOld USMember, Insider ✭✭✭


    This certainly isn't intellisense ... but XML syntax highlighting and autocomplete for some things can be done with the (overly) large XSD file I've generated and posted on the forums. You can download it over here

    I'm learning XSD stuff as I go so each version is getting smaller and more feature rich. It is a strange side project so no idea when/if I'll finish it... but I use it now and it works well for quite a few things ... It's better than nothing.


  • RogerCorreaRogerCorrea USMember

    Thank you for excellent solution!
    I believe problem is one limitation of the Visual Studio Intellisense and not of the Xamarin.
    However the solution posted to Ryan helped me too!

  • RogerCorreaRogerCorrea USMember

    I think the next step is to validate data in the project time.
    It's too bad you have to debug to validate a XAML code.
    Also he does not say where the error is.

  • RyanHatfieldOldRyanHatfieldOld USMember, Insider ✭✭✭
    edited January 2015

    @RogerCorrea make sure to check out @kzu 's project here

    [EDIT] To be clear I haven't used it, I just keep updating my own version of my XML schema as I see fit.

  • VictorArceVictorArce USMember

    Holy crap, RyanHatfield's suggestion works. Intellisense seems to be working with the extension.

  • KevinFordKevinFord USUniversity, Certified XTC Partners ✭✭✭

    Always Resharper 9.

  • Just add C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Xamarin\Android\android-layout-xml.xsd to the XML->Schemas... (this menu will appear as you open axml source).

  • solution from Ryan Hatfield works great for me, thanks!

  • @5w3crcrsw543dvr you're solution worked and is very simple. Thank you.

  • RickElliottRickElliott USUniversity ✭✭

    @5w3crcrsw543dvr - I tried your solution but couldn't get it to work for me. Made sure the entry was checked in the Schemas dialog, stopped/started VS 2013 - no joy. Not sure if I missed a step, seemed simple to me.

    I went with @RyanHatfield Mobile Essentials solution and that did the trick for me.

  • MikeEEEMikeEEE USMember ✭✭✭

    I am also going to throw in a very obvious plug for ReSharper as well. ReSharper pulls its Intellisense from the actual class definitions, no silly, cumbersome XSDs required. :tongue: I have been using it for Xamarin.Forms development for a couple months now and it has been absolutely supreme... and fun! Yeah it costs money, but it is EASILY worth every penny, especially when you open code that has been written by someone who doesn't use it (and it highlights all of the basic code and best-practice violations it contains). You can totally tell when someone uses ReSharper vs. not; it simply helps you to be a better coder all around. Xamarin.Forms Intellisense is just the massive cherry on top! :)

  • NMackayNMackay GBInsider, University admin

    Another happy Resharper customer and intellisense works very well is VS2013. Totally agree with Mike's comments above, it's well worth the money and you end up writing much cleaner code. We use it in WPF as well. Highly recommend it.

  • PalakshaKSPalakshaKS USMember

    Solution from Ryan Hatfield works great for me, Thanks! :)

  • Abhi_XamarinAbhi_Xamarin USMember

    It works for me, Thanks All.

  • JoaoAmaroJoaoAmaro USMember

    The cazzulino solution is not working anymore. It gives 404 error. Any workaround?

  • BilBil USUniversity
    edited July 2015

    Latest stable release of Xamarin.Forms ( isn't working for me. I have Visual Studio 2013 Update 5 installed with ReSharper Ultimate 2015.1.3 (9.1.3) and my XAML pages cannot resolve the property "Class" in the ""; namespace (which then make the whole page a mess). Also when I have a XAML page open in the IDE the compile breaks so I have to close it before I can compile the app. Will try the XSD fix as the extension has been removed from Mobile Essentials as they say it's because there's support in the latest version of Xamarin (which doesn't seem to be the case IMHO).

    Just want to clarify that Intellisense (i.e. editing help) works as shown here:

    However as you can see from the screenshot the XAML markup isn't recognized and suffers from ReSharperSquigglyLineSyndrome.


  • DenisDaSilvaDenisDaSilva USMember
    edited August 2015

    Where I can find the XSD for Xamarin Forms?
    The Xamarin Installer only provides schemas dor Android AXML.

  • I have pretty much a vanilla VS2015 enterprise install with the Xamarin plugin and am not using Resharper. The intellisense in XAML files is not working.

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