Java Native Binding Gradle Dependency not working from Xamarin Android

HarshitaHarshita INMember ✭✭✭✭

I have a payment gateway of this gradle dependency is:

implementation 'com.github.ekodevelops:eko-gateway-android-sdk:1.2.0'
Its working on Android Studio

But when I am going to use this to Xamarin Android using Java Binding Library then I can access the classes,but Unable to call the activity class of this payment gateway.

I follow this: 1)Created a Android Library Project. 2)Added the gradle dependency 3)Build the project with release mode 4)Got the *.aar file from build output 5)Created Android Binding Library project inside visual studio,and added that *.aar file and build it. 6)Generated *.dll file added to mt Xamarin Android Project.

After that I can access the Classes and function,but I Cant access that to call particular Payment Activity via intent.Its not available

Can access from Android studio:

Intent intent=new Intent(this, EkoPayActivity.class);
But Cant access this Activity class inside xamarin android after creating java binding

so what actually I am doing wrong? How to solve this problem?

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