WPF UIElement.Clip equivalent for EllipseGeometry

In WPF there is a property on the UIElement which lets you clip the UIElement and show a partial view of what the control is displaying. For example, you can create a Clip using an EllipseGeometry and show only what is inside the elipse. This works on images and other UI Elements, such as a label and even a grid with controls inside that.

What is the Xamarin.Forms equivalent of this functionality? I want to display 2 Frames in a grid (so they overlap each other), but only show the left half on the left side of the display and the right half on the right side of the display. I plan to use this as a sort of Page Transition effect to "sweep" to the next Frame like you see in older films.

I did try to simply set the width to half the page, but then you end up with squashed labels which doesn't have the same effect as a sweeping transition.
I am not stead fast on using Frames if this functionality exists on a different control.

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