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OneSignal Notification Service Extension - Invalid Entitlements

I've run into the exact same problem described here:
But unfortunately the discussion ends with the discussion creator just writing: "I fixed it", without any explanation.
I've followed the official guide, and I can finally add the correct Provisioning Profile to the main project. However when trying to select the correct Provisioning Profile for the extension-project it's not available. It seems it's not available because of the mismatch in BundleID, but you can't have the same ID for both the main project and the extension. I've used the suggested BundleID: my.real.bundleid.OneSignalNotificationServiceExtension.
I'm not sure what to do now?


  • bellevikbellevik USMember

    I finally figured it out!
    The solution is to register a separate App ID and create a new Provisioning Profile to use with the extension. After I did that everything worked.

  • gjhdigitalgjhdigital USMember ✭✭

    @bellevik thanks ive been dealing with the same issue for a while. Which "App ID" are you referring too ? thanks in advance

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