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For some projects I struggle to generate an archive either for iOS or Android...
At first, I had a problem generating the ipa because of the length of the path.
I've managed to overcome this by allowing long Win32 path call (win+R > gpedit.msc > file system > enable win32 long path)

Then I have to generate the archive. For Android, there is this tool option which let you change the archive path. But nothing for iOS. I found some thread on github saying it would have been available in VS19 update 2 or 3. But still nothing with the latest update.

I've tried the exotic changes in csproj (, ) but it doesn't resolve my problem either.
There is a lot of topic about it everywhere but without any answer (exemple : or or and I have found a dozen others similar post)

It's very anoying to have to build everything on the mac...
How long do we have to wait to have a checkbox and a textfield in the tool > option > xamarin > ios ?
Is it that hard to implement ?

I don't understand why it's not in the box yet after all those years. I bet it will be available once everyone will have switch to Flutter or Blutter (Blazor) and will give 0 f**** about Xamarin anymore. So sad... IMHO, this kind of problem give a lot of headache and isn't building trust in the platform. It's sad.

Do we, developpers, have to walk on the street like people do in Paris / Hongkong / [put any other country here] and protest to be heared ?

Sorry for being a bit rude and savage but I'm a bit tired to face problem I didn't introduced with my code. Also a bit angry to lose a day or two from time to time. In the beginning, making everything easy to build and deploy was one of Xamarin's advantage. It's still easy to install the EDI and start to code. But release is a nightmare even after several years of practice.

How do you people manage to create archieve with big namespace / name / path ?

Thanks a lot, sorry if you feel offended.

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