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Encode array\list of images to video MP4 in xamarin

I'm building an app that encodes a stream of images or an array of images into MP4 video in Xamarin forms. I couldn't find anything that works with xamarin forms and I've already tried these:

1. FFmpeg - (not working in xamarin native, require .netCore (I'm getting errors when installing any related NuGet package)
2. libvlc - I don't think it has any converting or encoding capabilities.
3. searched in google, here and xamarin forum for a solution.
4. skiasharp - apparently use only for drawing 2D and not for video encoding.
5. Nreco - needs licence.
6. AviSharp/Aforge/Mediacodec/etc - Just for iOS\Android
7. Encode MP4 from scrach - noticed that's too much work.

is there any way to do it without encoding the video on each platform-specific?

Thanks in advance!

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