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Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - Dallas / Fort Worth, TX - Custom Controls in Xamarin.Forms: SkiaSharp

seansparkmanseansparkman USInsider, University, Developer Group Leader mod

Do custom renderers in Xamarin.Forms make you shudder? Does even the thought of having to delve into device-specific code make you cringe?! Never fear, SkiaSharp is here!

When I got started with my first custom designed control I went the most difficult path possible: custom renderers… augmenting native iOS and Android elements. Sure, when there’s a simple solution that a custom renderer can fix, go for it! But never again will I choose that route when I’m faced with controls which have precise requirements in design, animation, and experience (three things that SkiaSharp delivers well).

We’ll take a look into some of the basics of SkiaSharp and build a small control that demonstrates the power behind this awesome library.

Speaker: Lance King

RSVP Here: DFW Mobile .NET

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