Does anyone have experience with SfRadialMenu?

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I need a complex menu with multiple options so the toolbar is not really an option.
I have a Radial menu configured using SyncFusion's SfRadialMenu, but I am having SERIOUS issues trying to get it to display....
Every sample I can find just shows the menu as the only object on a page, so I've been doing a lot of experimenting, but would like to see if anyone has some sample code or advice to help with my issues?

I have created a ContentView that I have my menu built in so I can call it from multiple other pages, but because of my page layouts the menu is having 2 major issues.
1: The menu will not move, even with dragenabled turned on.
2: The menu has a Z layer below everything else, so some of my experimentation has the menu behind other controls.

Is there a way to specify a Z layer? and I assume that the lack of mobility has to do with the implementation constraining to the bounds of what ever control it's parent is. How can I place the menu and have it dragable over the rest of the page?
pseudo code for the implementation would look like this

                    <ScrollView Orientation="Both">
                    <!-- this is my radial menu content.view -->

                    <grid layout page conent.....>

Thanks again!

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  • From the provided information, we have checked with the behavior and floating way of our SfRadialMenu. We suggest using any of the following ways to resolve the issues

    1. Add RadialMenu as the last child of the provided layout to make it float on the above layout.
    2. Change the layout type. From the code snippet, we have suspected that maybe a limited height on the StackLayout (child as ScrollView - For getting scrollable, have a chance of limiting the height), it may disappear behind the layout while floating. To avoid that add that into Grid.


    Please check with the sample and let us know if you have any concerns.

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    Thanks! I will check this out later today and get back with the results!
    I really appreciate the help!

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    Well, I have diagnosed what is happening. It seems that SfRadialMenu cannot be used in conjunction with a Scrollview, the two elements seem to be competing for the focus of the touch, and drag.

    I believe the reason the Listview used in the example has to do with the fact that display items on the screen are being created in a codebehind. which causes the radial menu to have a different level of access to the screen space. (I am making a lot of assumptions on that) in the end, I will continue to try various permutations of creating the menu and having it in a different space than the screen items.
    thanks for the assistance!
    If you have any other ideas I would love to try them!


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    Excellent, thanks for the feedback and update! I appreciate your help and will look forward to the next update to the controls.
  • JKnottJKnott Member ✭✭✭
    Outstanding! Thank you! I will download it and try my code again in the next day or two.
    Thanks again!
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