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Grid Not Displaying Rows As Expected

njsokalskinjsokalski Member ✭✭✭

I am converting my UWP apps to Xamarin, and am using a Grid as the root of my ContentPage, just like I did for the Page in my UWP apps. Here are the rows for my Grid:

As you can see, I want most of my app in the 2nd row. After writing the XAML for rows 0-2, everything looked great (rows 0 & 2 used the required space, row 1 used everything in between, row 3 showed nothing, row 4 displayed as an empty 20 pixels). However, once I added XAML for row 3 (a FlexLayout), row 1 no longer displayed anything (it had a height of 0). Row 1 contained 2 ScrollViews, and I realize that ScrollViews have strange sizing algorithms, but regardless of the sizing algorithm, I would still expect any leftover space not used to be between row 0 & row 2, which was definitely not what happened, since the content of row 0 & row 2 were touching. I feel like I tried every combination of VerticalOptions and other properties imaginable, but no success. Why is adding content to row 3 (which only uses a little space) causing row 1 to collapse? Thanks.

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  • SmartManSmartMan INMember ✭✭✭

    Please upload the code properly

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