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Window.SetSoftInputMode(SoftInput.StateAlwaysHidden | SoftInput.AdjustResize) still doesn't work

fbs419fbs419 USMember ✭✭

There are lots of posts and bugs filed on this, and I have never seen a simple answer. I have a relative layout -- nothing very fancy going on in there. I have an EditText about halfway down the screen. In my activity, I have this code:

Window.SetSoftInputMode(SoftInput.StateAlwaysHidden | SoftInput.AdjustResize);

I've tried this in various ways -- setting them individually, setting adjustResize in the .axml, etc. But it never works -- it always acts like AdjustPan -- when I invoke the keyboard, it covers up almost all of the EditText. Is there some magic here that I need to do?


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