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Shell : Custom icon for selected tab

Hello everybody,

I'm playing with the COOL xamarin shell, but I didn't found a way to change icon of the selected tab.

<TabBar Route="sections">
        <Tab Title="home">
                <FontImageSource FontFamily="{StaticResource AppIcons}" Glyph="{x:Static framework:Icons.HomePage}" />
            <ShellContent ContentTemplate="{DataTemplate home:HomePage}" Route="home" />

The goal is to use Icons.HomePageFilled instead of Icons.HomePage for this tab only when it's selected. Same logic should apply to other tabs.

I think I got lost in the solutions found on the web. They talk about Custom renderers, Visual states, effects etc ...
But I do not know if it is feasible and what is the ideal solution


  • ColeXColeX Member, Xamarin Team Xamurai

    I tried custom renderer, the class ShellTabLayoutAppearanceTracker is used to customize Tab , but there is no icon option to change , only we can define the select color and unselect color .

    So it is impossible i think .

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