30 Day Trial. How do you deploy a new version of my app to my iPhone after the 24 hour grace period

RobNugentRobNugent GBMember


I have tried updating some files in the project and recompiling.
I have tried cleaning the project and recompiling but nothing seems to work.
Can someone point me in the direction of the steps I need to perform?

Kind regards



  • JasonAwbreyJasonAwbrey USInsider, University, Developer Group Leader mod

    What error does it give you when you try to deploy?

  • PeterDavisPeterDavis USMember ✭✭✭

    Unfortunately you're doing iPhone which makes it WAY more complicated than it should be:


    Good luck. The first time I deployed an app to an iPhone (a few years back) it took me 2 days (not using Xamarin and not knowing squat about iPhone development). Hopefully you'll fare better.

  • RobNugentRobNugent GBMember

    Hi Jason and Peter.
    The app deploys fine to my iPhone via USB.
    Jason, when I start the app it very briefly flashes up the first screen and then closes.
    Peter, I will read the docs.

    Thanks for your thoughts

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