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May 29: Chicago, IL - Introduction to Xamarin

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We are holding an introductory Xamarin session at the Chicago .Net Mobile Group. We will provide an overview of Xamarin development and discuss some of the new features of .Net which make cross-platform mobile development even better.

Xamarin is a mono framework for iOS and Android that includes C# wrappers for native API bindings. This allows developers to develop native iOS and Android apps in C# using the mono (.Net) framework. Xamarin currently supports all features of .Net 4.5.1, and all API's in iOS7.1 and Android API level 19.

Xamarin come with its own IDE, Xamarin Studio, which supports cross platform development and common code for Android and IOS apps from a single code base. It also features a plugin for Visual Studio, which allows Visual Studio to be used as the IDE. This supports cross platform development for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, and provides full support for PCL and Shared Libraries.

Food and beverages will be provided.

Planned agenda

18.00 Networking

18.30 Introduction to the new group and announcements

18.40 Presentation - Mike Stonis, EightBot

20.00 Networking

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