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Xamarin Forms Shell ListView Spinner Doesn't Disapear After Loading Data

Hi guys,

I have an application that uses the new Shell navigation multiple tabs, each tab has a List View.
In Forms version, this works fine. When we upgrade to any of the 4.2 versions, we have a problem.

The first visible list view loads OK, however, very one again when we switch to another tab with a list view, the “loading” spinner is stuck on. The data loads Ok though.

If you re-order the vies, the first one always works OK, as the problem happen on load of a view within the shell tabs.

I'm currently creating the tabs like this:

    <Tab Title="Page1" Icon="tab_feed.png">
        <ShellContent Route="page1" Title="Page1" Style="{StaticResource Page1}" ContentTemplate="{DataTemplate local:Page1}" />
    <Tab Title="Page2" Icon="tab_feed.png">
        <ShellContent Route="page2" Title="Page1" Style="{StaticResource Page2}" ContentTemplate="{DataTemplate local:Page2}" />

Whilst 4.1 actually works fine, I want to use the 4.2 hamburger menu feature.

Have any of you guys experienced something similar? If so can you please advise?



Thank you very much!

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