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VS 2019 for Windows hides Assets

In our projekt with Xamarin Android and Xamarin IOS we use Rider primarily.
I would like to use Visual Studio.

I noticed that the VS makes general changes to many CSPROJ files.
In detail this is something like this here:

- <ImageAsset Include="Assets\Filename.xcassets\Contents.json" />
<ImageAsset Include="Assets\Filename.xcassets\Contents.json">
+ <Visible>false</Visible>

I did some research and found more information:

Problem definition:
"when xamarin.forms project is loaded in Visual Studio for Windows automatically set this attribute
for every graphic assets in csproj file"

"The behavior you're describing is intended, Visual Studio hides the asset files since those should be managed using the Assets Editor.
On the Solution Explorer you'll find a node called Asset Catalogs from where you can access all your catalogs and assets contained in those."

The people using Rider oder VS for Mac don't have this issue. And its just a pain to always make sure, not to commit this stuff.
Nice intended behaviour, unfortunately there are no other real solutions...

I cannot post the Links where I found the comments I quoted here.

But I would like to know if there if some magic switch in VS to prevent these assets from being hidden?

Kind Regards,

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