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Get intent data from web page OAuth2.0 redirect in a cross-platform app (iOS, Android).

Hi guys,

I'm trying to develop a cross-platform (Android, iOS) mobile app which uses OAuth2.0 to authorize the access to a web service. I created a Xamarin Forms app and I have a button which launches the website for OAuth2.0 authentication. I set (for Android app) an intent-filter in the Manifest file with an URI (data-scheme, data-host). I used that uri as the redirect_uri of the OAuth2.0 component so after following the authentication steps, the browser redirects to the mobile app. Can anyone suggest me an idea about how can I get the data from the intent which opens my app after it gets redirected from browser? That data contains an url which contains the authorization code which I need in my app to obtain the authorization token. I tried something with a Dependency Service, but it didn't work.

Thanks for your help!

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