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Xamarin Profiler is very slow

anveanve DEMember ✭✭✭


I'm using Xamarin Profiler together with Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise. When I'm profiling a Xamarin.Forms application on a iOS device the performance of the profiler itself is very slow. First, the profiler is updating every two seconds or so. You see that at the running time. After some actions done in the app the profiler is only updating every 30 seconds. You can't see the intermediate results. At some point you get an update (profiler is running) and you can see the results. I also had the case that the profiler only showed the results at the time of 7 minutes, despite it is running more than 10 minutes. So I never got an update. I also can't see the memory consumption at any different time if I hold my mouse above the memory consumption graphic (only at certain times).

Why is the profiler itself so slow? What can I do to be able to get some useful results out of the profiler?


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