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NuGet packages issue

GlennErlerGlennErler USMember ✭✭✭

Xamarin Android project. Use the Pinview nuget package for users to enter a PIN. Worked fine, no issues. References under the com.pinview namespace. Making an edit this weekend had a view with a spinner that I now needed to be a Searchable Spinner. Put in a Nuget package for that. Seemed like No issues wireing it up. Until I tried to build. This spinner references under com. searchablespinner namespace. TOTALLY whacked the Pinview package. Xamarin/VS squawked about no such animal. Did I miss a reference? There are both installed, both referenced in the main project file. Removed and reinstalled the pinview. No go. If I take out the spinner package all is good.!!! Anyone have an explanation? I couldn't find anything similar. PS.. This VS 2019 enterprise

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