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Do I need Visual Studio Enterprise to be able to do iOS In-House (enterprise) distribution?

I have been using Visual Studio for Mac and developing Enterprise Apps which are distributed as an IPA outside of the App Store for many years now. My first license was called Monotouch Professional and bought in 2012.

After a few months of testing, I upgraded to Monotouch Enterprise since it was needed for Enterprise Distribution.

Through the years, I have had an Xamarin Enterprise License and by 2016, I got the Xamarin Enterprise License through my Visual Studio Enterprise License since MS bought Xamarin.

But right now, it no longer seems like I need an Enterprise License to do Enterprise License distribution using Visual Studio for Mac? I cannot find any mention about this anywhere and the only difference between Visual studio for Mac Professional vs Enterprise only is in tooling (Inspector and Profiler).

So since I do not use anything else for my Visual Studio Enterprise subscription, could I downgrade it to Visual Studio Professional (it has to be a cloud subscription to be able to use it both on PCA and Mac) and still do In-House distribution?

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