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How to enable Dotfuscator Community for Xamarin.Forms project?


I want to obfuscate my code of my UWP/Android/iOS Xamarin.Forms project and I want to use the free Community Edition of Dotfuscator. I have installed Dotfuscator and Visual Studio 2019 and I found several different guides on how to use the Community and Professional Edition, I am especially unsure about whether or not to use the "PreEmptive.Dotfuscator.Xamarin.targets" files and different sources (from Preemptive and Microsoft) state different things.

Is there any up to date guide on how to enable Dotfuscator Community for Xamarin projects?

Thank you,


  • kingmatherskingmathers Member ✭✭

    I am especially talking about these links:

    This blog post from 2017 mentions the PreEmptive.Dotfuscator.Xamarin.targets files, but the link redirects to this page which says the files are no longer required and links to different guides for the Community and Professional version.

    This guide linked on the page above for the Community version again mentions these file and provides a direct link, the guide for the Professional version does not mention these files but is for version 4 (vs. version 5 of the Community version).

    Any ideas as to how to best implement obfuscation?

  • JuttaJutta Member ✭✭

    Hello Philipp, did you ever find an answer to this? I'm stuck with exactly the same problem. I haven't been able to find the PreEmptive.Dotfuscator.Xamarin.targets files (on Nuget or the PreEmptive download site), and I have no idea whether they are needed or not. Surely, there must be a simple guide somewhere...?


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