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Video playing become very slow after building with API Level 28 (on some phones, normal on others)


I have a Xamarin Android application, written in Visual Studio 2017 (version 15.9.14). It's working fine, but now I have to publish on Google Play an update, so I have to build it using API Level 28 (Pie). My application is accessing videos from the net (uploaded on a server), and shows those clips on a VideoView control.

With the new API (28) on some phones (ex. Huawei, Samsung) the videos are starting very-very slow (after 30-40 seconds), even if the application is opening them externally (I tried this too: Xamarin.Forms.Device.OpenUri(new Uri(video_url) - the same result, a slow start on the problematic phones).

On the same phones, if I directly open those links from their browser, the videos are starting instantly... If I use the actual, API 26 version of my application (same code, same project), the videos are starting also instantly (in 2-3 seconds). So it's clear to me that this is an API 28 problem.

On other phones this problem does not occurred, the application works correctly (as with the API Level 26 version which workes fine on every type of phones).

Can somebody help me with some ideas what I could try to solve this slow streaming problem?


  • miki74miki74 Member

    SOLUTION: android-8-cleartext-http-traffic-not-permitted - (Stackoverflow, question 45940861)

    Cleartext Traffic must be permitted...

    in the AndroidManifest.xml must include:


    I could not post a link :)

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