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Issue with navigation on iOS 13 update in Xamarin Forms

Since I updated a Xamarin Forms projects I noticed when I use Navigation.PushModalAsync(new Countries()); that it creates a stacking effect. Meaning I can still see the previous page behind the page pushed on top. I am then allowed to swipe down and navigate back to the previous screen. Is anyone experiencing this issue and if so how do I prevent this?


  • KingOfTheNorthKingOfTheNorth Member ✭✭
    edited September 2019

    if you look at the top of the screen you can slightly see the issue I speak about above

  • shashidharKSshashidharKS USMember ✭✭


    I am also having the same as you mentioned.

    As mentioned in this link there is improvement in view presenting modally.

    You can set IsEnabled = true for Page behaviour, I didn't trie this yet assuming this might be the solution. Let me know if it fixes for you.

  • do you have a project example, Im new to xamarin

  • Hi,
    Even I was having the same Issue,
    Updated my xamarin.forms to latest stable version 4.2.0 and now its working fine.
    stacking effect issue is resolved with latest xamarin.forms version.

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