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x64 build doesn't work on x64 Chromebooks

So I recently enabled the x86_64 ABI on my project as per Google's 64-bit requirements, and now my app is no longer working on x64-capable Chromebooks (which aren't too common... the HP Chromebook X2 and Google Pixel Slate are the two main chromebooks that support x86_64).

The app installs on those devices, but it fails to work correctly at runtime. I've tried both with and without the App Bundles. Without the app bundle, the 64-bit APK just launches to a blank white screen. With the app bundle version, the app launches and shows some UI, but clicking some of the buttons requires multiple clicks and a lot of the code doesn't execute successfully... really wonky things seem to be happening.

I don't personally own either of these top-of-the-line chromebooks so I can't test it locally, but I have a user reporting these problems.

It seems like Xamarin is broken in the x86_64 configs... has anyone successfully used an x86_64 chromebook with an x86_64 build? Note that these chromebooks can run ARM builds (which previously before I enabled x86_64 builds, all I was distributing was the ARM builds, and those were working fine... it's only the x86_64 ABI that's failing).


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