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Pre-Release: Xamarin.Forms 4.3.0-pre2

DavidOrtinauDavidOrtinau USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team, Insider, University Xamurai

We have a new pre-release with some exciting features for you. Please take a moment to upgrade a few projects and take things for a spin.

Release Notes


  • CollectionView: Vertical, Horizontal, Grid, Custom. No more ViewCell wrapping.
  • CarouselView: based on the same foundation as CollectionView. AND join our challenge to get some swag!
  • HTML content type support for Label
  • Character spacing
  • Label padding
  • Entry clear button mode
  • ListView scrolled event
  • Display prompts (take entry on an alert modal)
  • Source link support
  • Android Support
  • Shell support for UWP (Preview)
  • And lots more!

Give it a look. Please file issues as you encounter them.


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