MQTT for Xamarin Android

hi! I'm trying to show a graph through Xamarin Android in which the data comes from arduino at a fast rate (delay(1)) connected to a esp8266 based module (wifibee).

So far what I've tried:
PubNub (worked on both Xamarin Android and the arduino part as well through pubsub library)
Ably worked

So far the 2 mentioned worked for both(android app and arduino), was able to send and receive messages.
but the problem is they have message rate limit and can only publish at certain number of message per second. So to bypass this I tried sending in a form of "x-x-x-x" instead of trying to send single x values at a fast rate. where x are different sensor values. however it produced a different output (way off).

Now I'm currently trying M2MQTT for Xamarin but could not make it to work. Also tried .Net.Mqtt and also failed making it work.

So are there any good alternatives for this? which supports Xamarin.Android and Arduino?
Thank you.

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