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Xamarin and Visual Studio releases problem

batmacibatmaci DEMember ✭✭✭✭✭

The way Xamarin and VS teams make releases bothers me and kills my eager on xamarin and i see many complaining with harsh words on github as well.
In the past, xamarin team was more picky and careful with their releases, thats why they had good-long testing period and probably they were doing releases less often. But now they keep doing buggy releases. Those bugs are not small ones but preventing performance, efficiency and our daily work.
We are literally forced to use "Pre releases". Of course Pre release brings another big problem and it is eternal buggy loop.
For example;
they introduced a bug recently on latest VS Windows and Mac versions which causes app size to be 10+ mb larger. Even though this was reported when bug was yet in pre release. Xamarin team commented that this will be in final release in a few days because it is scheduled!. seriously. wtf? why are you not stopping scheduled whatever release and let this bug go through stable version.
People were desperate to find a solution. they fixed the problem after like a month on a pre release(not really fixed but something). It is VS mac 8.3 pre release 5. This release has a huge bug introduced. You cannot rename a any single file. this bug. this is for me a big problem because i never create a new xaml file. i copy paste and rename existing one because i have some base classes etc on my files and i dont want to manually write those every time.
This is just an example, i can find dozens of other problems went to stable release although mostly they were reported on pre release.
I mean come on, i cannot really understand how can a copy paste problem not be tested. On an editor you have 5 basic functions you must ensure to work always. CRUD, Copy+Paste+Cut. Sometimes it blows my mind how can such basic things are introduced as bug. I would feel ashamed like hell if i was releasing such software with such crucial bugs.

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