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Troubleshooting build times

JeffSiemensJeffSiemens USMember ✭✭
edited September 2019 in Xamarin.Android

Using all the latest tooling, our app still takes ~4 minutes to build/deploy from Visual Studio 2019 using a Debug build. This is for an incremental build (not an initial build). Using a Core i7 with 32GB RAM, and SSD. Our project is fairly large, but still this seems ridiculous. Windows and iOS compilations are MUCH faster (don't have exact numbers, but less than 30s).

I am using Xamarin Forms and VS 2019.

From the release notes and blog posts, it seems that Xamarin Android build times are supposed to be much better, but this has not been my observation.

This is a debug build. I have fast deploy enabled / shared runtime, no AOT compilation.

Any way to troubleshoot this?

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