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Visual Designer issues

Hello, I’ve been using Xamarin.Android for the past two years; love the idea of using C# for Android development but I’m really annoyed by Visual Studio and their Visual Designer, I’ve come to accept the fact that we won’t be seeing ConstraintLayout support like in Android Studio, but aside from LinearLayout and GridLayout, using RelativeLayout seem impossible without having to constantly clean, rebuild and most of the time closing VS and opening again to see any update on the editor.

I don’t know if I’m missing something, but after creating a new blank Xamarin.Android App and adding a couple of buttons and textviews to a RelativeLayout, all of the controls are bunched up at the upper left corner (even after correctly defining their position via layout parameters); also, though Resource.Designer.cs updates with the ids given to the controls, intellisense won’t recognize such ids when dealing with android:layout_below, android:layout_toLeftOf or any other positioning parameters; same thing goes for string resources, the button or textview will display @string/app_name or whatever resource name I have defined on the string.xml file but not the actual value.

If anyone else has had these kinds of problems I would love to hear from you and the solution you came up with, I’m currently running VS 2019 (16.2.5)


  • GrahamMcKechnieGrahamMcKechnie AUMember ✭✭✭

    So why don't you just keep using AS. I doubt Xamarin is ever going to catch up when it comes to ConstraintLayout. Now with Xamarin supporting xml , it is even easier.

  • I sometimes use AS for designing the layout then go back to VS, I even tried JetBrain's Rider (quite nice, but currently support for ConstraintLayout is also broken)
    I can get by just typing XML like with HTML, CSS and JS for webpages, but for an educational scenario where the students have no previous experience with Android I would like to have just one IDE that works and allows them to see the UI without deploying every time to a virtual or physical device, whilst writting C#
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