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Xamarin iOS Binding. Error in .g.cs files

JaridGoodwinJaridGoodwin USUniversity
edited September 2019 in Xamarin.iOS

We are working on a Xamarin binding library and have managed to build the .dll when we edit the .g.cs file to resolve some issues. We would however, like to actually fix the issues.

The issues we see are:

  1. All the methods end up with a "." in front of them, after the global::. i.e. public virtual global::.methodType SomeMethodName
  2. Interfaces somehow end up with multiple references to the same "base". Each of those also have a "." in front of them as well i.e. public interface ISomeChildViewControllerDelegate : INativeObject, IDisposable, .SomeParentViewControllerDelegate, .SomeParentViewControllerDelegate

Has anyone here ran into these before?

I tried searching but can't find anything here

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