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Triggers not working for custom controls in xamarin forms

mayank_sonimayank_soni Member ✭✭
edited September 2019 in Xamarin.Forms

I have a custom entry renderer and i want certain triggers to fire depending on my conditions , but when i apply the triggers it doesn't work.....
here is my code:

Any help would be appreciated
Thanks in advance



  • lillianlillian Member ✭✭

    I think Text of an Entry is null by default, so the trigger doesn't work at the beginning. If you input some numbers then clear all, maybe the trigger will work. You can use converter to replace trigger.

  • mayank_sonimayank_soni Member ✭✭

    @lillian Thanks for your reply, i initialized my entry with empty string in the xaml file itself(Text="") and it works...
    Thank you very much :)

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