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xamarin integration for Vungle (ios and android)

Hi All,

Been looking around and there are little bit of info here and there but wondering if anyone has a full demo proj on how to integrate vungle into xamarin for ios and android. I have been working on bindings and manifest but does anyone have anything they have integrated recently that shows ads for vungle in xamarin??

We are trying to show ads but are trying to get them NOT to be 100% of the window, we integrated appodeals but their videos have to be 100% of the screen. I want a menu at the bottom showing.. They won't count this as an impression if we have less than 100% of window or have any overlays.

If anyone knows of any other ad networks that have xamarin demo proj's that have dynamic templates (show videos in less than 100% of the screen) I would really really appreciate it!

thanks for any help!

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