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How to build nuget package from native objective-c binding library including extras.cs file?


When I pack a Nuget Package from an Xamarin.iOS native binding library some files are ignored.


I've made an Xamarin.iOS Binding Library, which works pretty well, in other Projects when I link it as reference. This way it uses the ApiDefinitions.cs file as well as the Structs.cs and Extra.cs (ehich contains additions to the ApiDefinitions.cs) File. Now I want to create a Nuget Package to make this Binding Library Project more portable, building the Nuget Package via Visual Studio for Mac works well, but the additional Partial Classes i've defined in Extras.cs are not available.

Project Structure

├── ApiDefinition.cs
├── Extras.cs
├── Project.iOS.csproj
├── Project.iOS.nuspec
├── Properties
│ └── AssemblyInfo.cs
├── Structs.cs
└── packages.config


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