Azure Messaging problem with installing APK

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It's me again with another problem.

I've added the Azure Messaging component to my Droid project, without changing any code at all.
Build and Rebuild finished succesfully, but when I tried to debug on a device (real and virtual), a problem came up:

Deployment failed because of an internal error: Unexpected install output: pkg: /data/local/tmp/TunApp13.Droid-Signed.apk

Xamarin.AndroidTools.AndroidDeploymentException: InternalError ---> Mono.AndroidTools.InstallFailedException: Unexpected install output: pkg: /data/local/tmp/TunApp13.Droid-Signed.apk

at Mono.AndroidTools.Internal.AdbOutputParsing.CheckInstallSuccess(String output, String packageName)
at Mono.AndroidTools.AndroidDevice.<>c__DisplayClass2a.b__29(Task1 t) at System.Threading.Tasks.ContinuationTaskFromResultTask1.InnerInvoke()
at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Execute()
--- End of inner exception stack trace ---
at Xamarin.AndroidTools.AndroidDeploySession.RunLogged(CancellationToken token)
at Xamarin.AndroidTools.AndroidDeploySession.Start(CancellationToken token)

It's the same thing with both debug and release builds.
When I remove Azure Messaging component there's no more errors...

Does anyone have any ideas?


  • TuneITTuneIT HRMember

    Tnx @Redth‌ ;)

    I'll try it first thing in the morning - it's 23:53 here, so I can't access my workstation currently :)

  • TuneITTuneIT HRMember

    Solved ;)
    Tnx again @Redth‌

  • Thanks for the answer @Redth

  • BinGaoBinGao USMember

    Thank you.

  • BatzeeBatzee LKMember ✭✭

    I have a big project I am working for the last 6 months. Suddenly I needed to add GCM and now I am getting this error. But for me if I change the package name in the Manifest the whole program is losing reference. So is there an option where I can change it without affecting the whole project?

  • cammy_sweetcammy_sweet BRMember
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    @JonathanDick said:
    Hey @IvanCuljak you've been bitten by the annoying issue with Google Cloud Messaging that you can't have a package name starting with an uppercase character.

    Go into your Project Settings, under Android Application (and add a manifest if you don't already have one by clicking the button). Finally, make sure your 'Package name' does not start with an uppercase letter.

    I'd recommend a package name with all lower case letters, and at least one '.' in the name like 'com.mycompany.myapp'.

    That should fix things up for you!

    My manifest was without a package name, so I just put one! and voilá the deploy was successful.

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