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Working with data exported from App Center to Azure Insights - can't get any more ehm.. insights :)

I've an Xamarin.forms application and it is connected to my VS App Center profile for monitoring analytics and crashing data. All works good. In all the exceptions handled I have custom properties and I can see them when I browse exceptions in App Center one by one. Unfortunately, I can't filter based on those properties and it makes concluding more difficult. I was hoping to get more information by setting up standart export to Azure Insights. Once export is in place, I can browse the exceptions and custom events, but I can't seem to see exception's properties (let alone to filter on them). I must say I'm new to Azure and it's quite overwhelming.. Can you tell me how to filter on handled exception's properties in Azure? Maybe someone could recommend any reading about making use of App Center's data in Azure? I have read the basic article from Microsoft on how to set it up but didn't find any details on the subject.

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