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Initial Environment Setup (Win 7 Box + MacBook)

JamesGreen.8031JamesGreen.8031 GBMember ✭✭

Hi All,

I just wanted to run this past the forum before diving in and getting things started.

Current Setup

Right now I'm in a situation where I have been developing two solutions 1 ASP.NET MVC Site and 1 WebAPI solution and two SQL Databases on my main Windows 7 dev box. There is already a fair amount of code sharing between these two solutions as you would expect. The source is checked into a single Subversion repository using TortoiseSVN and I have my backup process in place to dump deltas etc.

I also make use of TeamCity and YouTrack for CI and Issue Tracking respectively (also hosted on this same dev box).

Adding Mobile Apps

I'm looking at Xamarin to add development for iOS and Android. They will consume the same WebAPI as the main MVC site, no surprises there. I should be able to share my API client implementation and any other relevant/required stuff with minimal fuss (all hail C#!).

Adding OSX Into The Mix

Since I want to do iOS and Android I'm currently thinking that I'll probably make more use of my Mac for the mobile development and I want to get this as seamlessly integrated as possible.

I have Windows 8 running in a Parallels VM on the Mac already and I check-out and check-in to the main dev box repository (also running VisualSVN) over my network.

I've read that Xamarin Studio already integrates with Subversion (which I'm yet to install on the Mac and try) which is great as I'd like to keep the mobile codebase in the same repository for easy file linking etc.

Any advice on getting this setup or known gotcha would be great.


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