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Set a background image to Shell toolbar

Hi, I've been trying to set a background image to the toolbar with no luck. I tried to add it on Toolbar.xml in android resources and it didn't work. I tried to create a Shell custom renderer following example on the Microsoft docs site under shell custom renderers, but no effect happens to the toolbar. Does anyone have an idea how i can get this done? Your help will be highly appreciated.

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  • warren1946warren1946 Member ✭✭

    Thanks for the help @LandLu it worked

  • ggpgwggpgw Member ✭✭

    i have tried for Android. But its not working. Anybody can help.

    It is giving error

    'CustomToolbarAppearanceTracker' does not implement interface member 'IShellToolbarAppearanceTracker.SetAppearance(Toolbar, IShellToolbarTracker, ShellAppearance)'

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