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Incompatible versions?


I have an app on the AppStore which I just did an update to and a number of users are saying that if they uninstall it and re-install it, Google Play indicates that it is incompatible.

According to the Google Play SDK information on the release:

API levels: 23+
Target SDK: 26

Since all of these users are on 8.0, I would think that this should work fine.

The only difference between the previous release and this release is a minor warning in our app (which is likely why they uninstalled and reinstalled) and a Xamarin Mac upgrade, which changed build.props to:






From: AndroidSdkBuildToolsVersion=27.0.3
To: AndroidSdkBuildToolsVersion=28.0.3

From: XamarinAndroidVersion=9.1.8-0
To: XamarinAndroidVersion=9.4.1-0

Plus a couple other minor chings -- If I change the above back, then there is a bunch of my dependencies which are not compatible -- I could chase that down if needed, however, is that really the issue?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!



  • EricTheriaultEricTheriault USMember ✭✭


    I am still getting a lot of reports like this -- any insights or advice?

    Why would Google Play Store indicate that the app is incompatible when the device it is being installed on is after the Target SDK? Please advise. Thanks.


  • EricTheriaultEricTheriault USMember ✭✭


    Based on one user, I think this may be because there is a target that was lost -- specifically, it would not including the armeabi-v7a target -- not sure when this was changed, but I think that was the cause. Thanks.


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