Why isn't there a Windows Phone section in the documentatikon...

As an example, I was looking at how you would deal with creating "Windows" services for the windows phones and also how you could use the Reachability class to detect if there is Wi-Fi available like on IOS and Android...

Any plan to have a Windows Phone section under all documentation ?


  • JonDouglasJonDouglas USXamarin Team, University, Developer Group Leader Xamurai
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    I don't really think there should be a Windows Phone section as it's all done by Microsoft. However you can find more documentation on it here:


    Or see this thread about the same subject:


  • MichelMattheyMichelMatthey AUMember ✭✭
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    Thanks for that, I still think we should have the documentation for Windows phones in there or at least links to MSDN from the other ones (OIS & Android) where the Network detection code for IOS and Android is, and the same for every other feature that windows phones also have so we can develop more quickly, developing for one and see what is related and how similar features can be developed on other mobile platforms ? Just a nice to have, Windows phone developers might look elsewhere otherwise, it is not 100% obvious that Windows phones are covered ?

  • JonDouglasJonDouglas USXamarin Team, University, Developer Group Leader Xamurai

    Most of the items will be similar, however the platform specific implementation is up to the mobile framework. The reason why I think it's not obvious that Windows Phones are not "Covered" by Xamarin is because Xamarin is mainly iOS/Android/Mac. However for Windows Phone devs, they still use the same tools that Xamarin takes advantage of to make their apps "Portable"/Sharing Code. Thus combining all of these allow a developer to hit 3 mobile platforms with a common codebase.

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