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Stored Procedure using Rest web api

pearlshwetapearlshweta Member ✭✭

I am new to xamarin. I want to call the stored procedure in SQL server.
I read that REST is the best option to do it rather than doing it directly. i read all about basic REST web api. But i am not sure how to implement it to perform CRUD operation, especially calling stored procedures. How to call the function where we can pass string for "Create table...." or "Insert into..." or "Execute...." etc.

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  • pearlshwetapearlshweta Member ✭✭

    Hi Harshita,
    Thanks a lot for the tutorial videos. It really helped a lot.
    As i am new to xamarin, I still have many questions. Here are some of my questions
    1. My stored procedure has insert in it, so would it be PostEmployee instead of GetEmployee?
    2. I have a few stored procedures which has create, and 3 inserts, what would be the function called?
    3. i am working for existing database, Do i have to write class and controller for each table?

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