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Offline Sync with core backend?

SianRogers.3931SianRogers.3931 USMember ✭✭

As Azure Mobile App templates are no longer available in Visual Studio 2019 or later versions of Visual Studio 2017, and Xamarin Forms Templates now come with an option to create an .net core web api project I am assuming .net core is the recommended way to access an azure sql database. If this assumption is correct will I be able to use the offline sync feature I have used in the past with Azure Mobile apps?

In the .net core backend should I add the TableData(ITableData) to the models, Version, UpdatedAt, CreatedAt, etc. manually and Xamarin Forms apps using MobileServiceClient with handle all of the offline syncing as it did before?

I suppose I am basically asking if there was anything other than the TableDate between MobileServiceClient on Xamarin application and TableData in the Azure Mobile App backend that allowed offline sync to work?


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