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Android Designer - Where have the Design and Source buttons gone?

alexwalexw AUMember, Beta

Since upgrading to 2.0 I can't find the Design and Source buttons in the Android UI Designer.

How do we switch to source now? Am I missing something obvious?




  • julian.suarezjulian.suarez COMember

    Agree I have the same problem in Visual Studio 2012. Please let me know if you find a solution

  • softlionsoftlion FRBeta ✭✭✭

    +1 but only on windows 8.

  • julian.suarezjulian.suarez COMember

    just watched the keynote for xamarin 2.0 and ROFL when they said that their android UI designer is better than Google's.

    At least Google plugin works!

  • DaveVanDeeDaveVanDee AUMember

    Hi, has anyone managed to solve this problem? The designer missing and having no obvious solution is a deal breaker from where I'm standing as it's going to kill workflow entirely.

  • alexwalexw AUMember, Beta

    We are still having this issue across multiple workstations. It's not always on all files and not all the time, it seems to be random.

  • DaveVanDeeDaveVanDee AUMember

    How very annoying, this is going to be a pain, will try the latest beta release...

  • DaveVanDeeDaveVanDee AUMember

    I definitely can't get it to work, reinstalling xamarin now.

    I wonder if it's something related to permissions...

    I will have to go back to using vmware if I can't fix this, which I dont want to do as openGL doesnt allow GPU enabled x86 emulation which makes build times very slow...

  • LluisSanchezLluisSanchez ESXamarin Team Xamurai

    This is a known issue that is being tracked down. It doesn't happen in all cases, so there must be something specific to some installations. The problem is being tracked here:

  • DaveVanDeeDaveVanDee AUMember

    As a work around, not ideal but downloading and using Xamarin Studio to update to a beta release solved the problem for me.

    VS2012 now shows the XAML tabs again so I'm back on track.

    Hope this helps someone in present or future..

  • DaveVanDeeDaveVanDee AUMember

    @LLuis if you need any help from me, testing or identifying the problem let me know.

  • DahevosDahevos FRMember

    @lluis : I follow your instruction in the debug post, but my Visual studio which debug does not have any input.... Can you be more precise and we will send you the content of what you expected.

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