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Web services for data access layer

pearlshwetapearlshweta Member ✭✭

I am new in xamarin community and need urgent help. i have many questions about web service for a mobile app
1. I want to create a web service for data layer. i have heard that REST web api is the best option. But, is there any way where i can generalize the GET,POST,PUSH,DELETE? e.g. if i send "tblEmployee" to it and it will perform CRUD operations on the table depending on the method i call (Connection string can be a global variable).

  1. If it is not possible and i have to write non-generalized web API, do i have to write model and controller class for each and every table?
    This is going to be daunting task.

3.What about stored procedure and views how will i access them using web service?

i need help with these questions. i will really appreciate if you can help me. Thanks in advance.

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