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Issues with Xamarin.Forms Custom Renderer for Web View

I'm trying to load a Sharepoint Online website using a custom web view renderer for Android and iOS. Initially, the header of the site would not display for both platforms, but I discovered that changing the User-Agent in each custom renderer would display the header. The header is fully functioning for the iOS devices, but the dropdown menus do not appear for the Android devices. I've noticed other issues with the Android build rendering to be a bit off, most notably with an input box's cursor resetting to the beginning of the input after each key is entered (this doesn't happen when we used the Xamarin.Forms web view).

We have tried recreating the app from scratch by following this the HybridWebView Tutorial, but we are still seeing these issues.

We have opened the page in other apps' web views and neither issues are appearing. Is there anything with the Xamarin.Forms web view and the custom renderer that could be causing these issues to occur.

I'm are running Xamarin.Forms v4.2.0.709249 and using Android devices with either Oreo or Pie installed.


  • alexmaniealexmanie ESMember ✭✭

    hi @mholeman ,
    i'm stuck on displaying sharepoint contents on a webview. how did you manage it?
    are you using custom renderers? are you authorizing the contents on the webview using sharepoint cookies?


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