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Strange changing of UI element's style when pressing '1' key

zielonyzielony Member ✭✭


I have a problem with DefaultStyle.xml style file. In my application I set this style on a whole tree of UI elements, and create the modal Window. When program runs and this modal Window is visible on the screen, and when I press the '1' key, then the style of all UI elements changes to other one. When I press '1' second time, the style changes to another one again, and when I press '1' third time, the style returns to the begining state. I have checked this behavior on Windows and on Android systems: it exists on both systems.
It seems like somebody forgot to remove some debug code from release version, because I cannot find anything about this behavior in the documentation, and also it is very suspecious behavior. In my application in the mentioned window I put the EditLine element in which user should type some name. Everything is ok until the user wants to put '1' character in the name. When he do it, then the style of all UI elements changes. It is very annoying.

Maybe somebody is aware what is going on and how to switch off this strange behavior ?


Tomasz Rak



  • zielonyzielony Member ✭✭
    edited August 2019

    I'm sorry, the problem that I have described above is my own fault. You can disregard it. I ask the administrator to delete this thread.

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